Your Profile and Settings

Your Profile and Settings

Profile & Settings

What privacy settings do you offer?

You can switch off the AI Data Usage. This feature allows us to use your search data to improve our AI models. Turn this setting off if you wish to exclude your data from this process.

How can I change my email address?

There’s no way to this in Perplexity. If you would like to use a new email, we invite you to create a new account. If you have a subscription, please email and we can help you move it to your new account.

  • And what about my data?

    Unfortunately we cannot transfer data from one account to the other. If you’d like to keep threads, you can add them to a Collection and invite yourself as a collaborator on the new account although you will not be the owner.

What is the Profile?

AI Profile is where you capture all of your unique preferences for gathering information so the AI can remember them and use that information to give you results that fit you best. There’s no need to repeat yourself in each search query.

You can find your AI Profile in your Settings page in the top right corner tab.

What should I include in the Profile section?

You can include details that help Perplexity personalize your experience, such as age, location, interests, values & beliefs, search response format, preferred language, or even dietary needs. For instance if you enjoy science and speak English, the AI will tailor the responses accordingly. Remember, share only what makes you feel comfortable, as we prioritize your privacy.

How can I change Perplexity’s interface and response language to my suit my language preference?

You can set your preferred AI response language by going to your Settings, following the Profile tab and scrolling to Which language should the AI use?

Please note that this preference will override the language in which the initial query is made, for example; if you ask a question in english, you will receive a response in the language you’ve chosen.

It is currently not possible to adjust the interface to be in other languages other than english. If you are on a Chrome type browser, you can enable Google Translate. Our interface has been designed with universality in mind so everyone can use it.

Do I need to use Copilot for my AI Profile criteria to be applied to search results?

Not at all! Your AI Profile will enhance your search results in Quick Search too. However, Pro search does have the advantage of clarifying your queries for even better results.

Why are my AI profile criteria not applied to my search results?

You might have missed activating your AI Profile. Navigate to AI Profile on the left side menu on the web or towards the bottom of the page if you are on a mobile web browser, then hit Activate at the top right corner.