What are Threads?

What are Threads?

A Thread refers to a full back-and-forth conversation with Perplexity. It contains your initial question, any follow-up questions you ask, and all of Perplexity's responses.

Within a Thread, you can:

  • Give the conversation a title for easy reference

  • Share the Thread with others

  • Edit your original queries

  • Ask additional questions to clarify or expand on a topic

Are my Threads private?

Yes. Your Threads are private and only for your reference by default. To make a thread public, click on the top right corner on the share button, and select sharable. Anyone with a link will be able to to view your thread.

Does Perplexity retain context for follow up questions in a Thread?

Perplexity is designed to maintain the the Thread’s context, aiding in accurate follow-up responses. But remember, if you switch topics frequently within a Thread, it might need a bit of guidance to stay on track.

Can I view my previous Threads?

To view your previous conversations with Perplexity, navigate to My Threads on the left side menu.

How do I edit a Thread’s name?

If you're deep into a topic and the Thread gets lengthy, you can rename it. Click on the Thread and edit the area at the top-right where it says "Untitled." Otherwise, the Thread's name defaults to your first question.

I accidentally deleted a thread, what can I do?

Regrettably, once a thread is deleted, it cannot be retrieved. To prevent accidental deletions, we've implemented confirmation prompts. Please be certain before choosing to delete a thread, as we are unable to reverse this action.

How can I export a thread or a portion of a thread?

This is not possible to do at the moment. If you prompt the AI to create a link to download the query or some contents of it, it will be a hallucinated link and it will not work.

How do I search for a Thread?

Go to your Library page and use the search bar. You can search by keywords or the title.

Can I edit or adjust the sources I get on a thread?

You can delete sources from a thread by going to the bottom of the Thread and clicking on { } View Sources. Once there you can remove a source and it will reformulate the response based on the exclusion of the source.