What is Perplexity Pro?

What is Perplexity Pro?

What do I get with Pro?

Practically Unlimited Pro searches: Pro search, our interactive search companion, excels at handling ambiguous queries. It asks clarifying questions as needed and delivers extensively researched answers with significantly improved accuracy. Pro subscribers can make use of over 300 daily Pro queries.

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Attach Images and Files: Effortlessly upload one or multiple files, from PDFs and CSVs to images, and explore their contents with questions using cutting-edge models like Claude 2.1 and GPT-4V.

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Powerful AI Models:

You can upgrade the default model of your choice, on your Settings, to OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo, Anthropic’s Claude 2.1, Perplexity’s in house model the Experimental 70b and Mistral's Le Large. You also get the option to rewrite an answer with a different model within a thread. GPT-4 is preferred for incredible level of accuracy, Claude for natural sounding responses and file uploads, while Perplexity’s Experimental model is well tuned for being concise and accurate.

API Credit:

Your Perplexity Pro membership gifts you $5 every month to use on pplx-api. Perfect for developers and the AI curious, our API provides cutting-edge access to the latest LLMs with continuous updates—no knowledge cutoffs here. Dive into our pplx-online models (7b and 70b), or explore the capabilities of top-tier open-source models like Mistral 7b, Mixtral 7x8b, and Llama 2 13/70b. We also host our own online models called Sonar. You can check a list of the models here.

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How many Pro search uses do I get with Pro?

Pro search is limited to 600 uses per day.

How often does the Pro search counter reset?

The counter will restore dynamically over a total period of 24 hours. It does not go back to 600 after a certain amount of time. If you used a Pro search or an advanced model 8 hours ago for a total of 20 times, you might not see it fully replenished, instead it will slowly go back to 600.

What is the Claude 2.1, GPT 4 Turbo, Experimental and Large usage limit on a Pro account?

All of these models' queries are counted as uses in the same context as a Pro search. So, all of these have 600 uses per day. The default model does not affect the count.

You will be able to see the exact count when you hover over the Pro search toggle.

How to join Pro user Discord channel?

You can join the Pro discord channel by using the invite link available on your Perplexity account in the left side menu. In the case the invite has expired please reach out to Alex Romanov (discord username - ok.alex) or one of the Perplexity AI team members on our discord server.

Can I use Perplexity Pro on multiple devices simultaneously?

Yes, you can use Perplexity Pro on multiple devices simultaneously, you Pro account is linked to whatever email you used to log into Perplexity. Make sure to use the same email across all devices.

What is “Pro support?”

With Perplexity Pro you can talk to us directly on our Discord channel, as well as email us to a special email which is located in your perplexity.ai/settings page where you will receive a quicker response (around 8 to 12 hours) compared to a regular support email.

We have also enabled an Intercom window where you will be able to chat directly with us, we can answer questions, gather feedback and give any kind of support through here. We also have self serve content in case there’s a quick question you might have

What are the advanced models?

All models except for the default (which is an enhanced version of GPT 3.5) are considered advanced. Here is a quick rundown of what sets each one apart:

GPT-4: Open AI’s famous model behind ChatGPT, renowned for it’s reasoning and natural language processing capabilities, displaying human-level performance on various professional and academic benchmarks

Claude 2.1: Claude 2.1 focuses solely on text processing, it is designed with human alignment in mind making it a phenomenal compliment to humanity and academic queries as well as file upload analysis, text based queries and has a large context window.

Experimental: Our in house model, optimised conciseness and less restrictive responses to any query.

Mistral's Large: According to Mistral. "It reaches top-tier reasoning capabilities. It can be used for complex multilingual reasoning tasks, including text understanding, transformation, and code generation."

Are there any limits to the number of times I can use the advanced models?

All advance models are are counted as uses in the same context as Pro Search. So, all of these have 600 or so uses per day.

You will be able to see the exact count when you hover over the Pro search toggle.

How can I learn more about the models Perplexity offers me?

We invite you to check out our curated Collection on AI here. Where you will be able to read some AI FAQ’s, answered by Perplexity.

How do I switch between models?

You can switch between our models in your settings page where AI Model is indicated in the Perplexity Pro subsection.

Can I switch the model I am using outside of the settings page?

You can’t switch the model outside of your settings page, you can change it for a follow up question within a thread by clicking on Rewrite

If I set my preferred model on my desktop, will that preference also be reflected on the mobile app?

No, you have to set the preference yourself on the mobile app as this settings does not sync from one device to the other?

If Perplexity gives me access to GPT-4, does this mean I can install plugins?

Perplexity does not allow the installation of plugins directly in GPT-4. You can use GPT 4 to generate responses with regular search or Pro search.

How do referrals work? can I accumulate them?

Referrals are not accumulative for a total amount greater than $10 per billing cycle. You can accumulate x amount of referrals but only one will be applied per billing cycle.

If you are on a 7 day trial, or on a discount coupon you will not be able to refer others. You can start referring after your first active billing cycle.

If I delete my account, will it terminate my subscription?

No, please ensure you have terminated your subscription before deleting your account. If you have subscribed through Stripe (web) then please visit your Settings page and cancel through Subscription Management

If you have subscribed through one of the apps, please do so through the subscription management window for the respective OS you have (Android or iOS)

Can I use my GPT+ or Claude.ai account to access Perplexity Pro?

No, we are a separate entity with a different subscription service. Access to these platforms' subscription service does not give you access to Perplexity Pro. We offer the API for these models to generate responses, and not the interface, features and experiences that they offer on their websites.

Why is my Pro status not visible?

There are multiple reasons why this may be. Here’s a quick checklist to run down through before contacting support:

  1. Double check for an email stating your payment did not go through.

    • Ensure your billing address and payment method are correct.

  2. Double check you are logged in using the same email you subscribed to Perplexity Pro with.

    • We are case sensitive, therefore sign in with the same exact email and authentication method you used to sign up.

  3. Clear cache and cookies or reset the app, sometimes there’s an pesky bugs that get. fixed once they are reset.

If none of these have fixed the issue, please contact support@perplexity.ai