What is the difference between typing a question and uploading a file?

Asking a Question

Type your question into Perplexity, just like you'd chat with someone. Our answer engine understands your query and searches the internet to bring you a detailed answer. This way, you save time and avoid the hassle of endless internet searches. Plus, Perplexity remembers previous parts of our conversation for better follow-up responses.

Uploading a File

Need to dig into a document? Upload it to Perplexity. Great for summarizing PDFs, explaining codes, or translating text, this feature lets our answer engine focus on your file's content. It's perfect for when you need insights based on that specific document, without external internet searches. Remember, only text files like PDFs or plain text are supported, up to 25 MB. Free users can upload 3 files daily, while Pro subscribers have unlimited uploads. Your privacy is important to us; uploaded files are only visible to you unless shared, cannot be redownloaded, and expire after 30 days.

In short, ask Perplexity anything for fast, internet-sourced answers, or upload a file for specific insights from that document.Learn the differences between typing a question and uploading a file.